Barrio x Cherry Park Long Beach

I paid a visit to Cherry Park and met up with Aaron & Ray of Cherry Park LB Co. 🍒.The Long Beach natives introduced me to the park and gave me the low down on how Cherry Park has been rooted in their lives since the 80s.

It was amazing seeing the camaraderie they had with everyone around the park from local skaters to an entrepreneur asking them questions on how much he should sell a skate ramp for. We swapped some quality Cherry Park & Barrio merch, took some flicks and discussed the importance of stimulating your local economy.

Aaron surprised me by asking more about Rochester, NY, where I was raised. I realized I tend to put Rochester on the back burner since I live in Long Beach, but Aaron encouraged me to keep Rochester in the Barrio lineup, which I really appreciated.

On that note, I’ll be dropping a special Rochester collection featuring my High School alma mater soon 👌

@cherryparklbco - great people and a great spot!